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Mother's Day | Special Needs Mom


The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for the Special Needs Mom

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.

If you’re here, chances are you probably have an extraordinary woman in your life who is a special needs mom. In order to help you on your quest to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, I asked several special needs moms to share what they’d love for Mother’s Day.

Without further ado, here are some of their responses:

Hi! I’m Ebony, mom to an autistic little girl named Joy.

Joy is the sweetest human being I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and it is an honor to get to be her mom.

When I’m not spending time with Joy and her little brother, I work as an online business manager and virtual assistant through my virtual assistance firm, The Write Agent LLC. I love working with women entrepreneurs, especially mompreneurs.

The ONE thing I would love for Mother’s Day (besides 100 billion dollars … LOL) is a weekend alone. I’m a single mom and breaks are few and far between.

If I could have a weekend, in a nice hotel, away from everyone and technology, that would be the best Mother’s Day gift ever!


IG handles:



Mother's Day | Special Needs Mom Rebecca
I’m Rebecca, a mama to 4 amazing kids, one who just happens to have an ASD diagnosis.

I blog over at collectingclovers.com where I write about all things motherhood, family, and homeschooling. My goal is to make motherhood just a little less stressful with tips learned from my successes and failures. And if I can’t help ease the stress I hope to at least help moms find some humor in their day.

Being a special needs mama can be hard. We give our everything to these unique little humans and at the end of the day we are lucky if we have anything left to fill our own cups. I know after multiple therapy appointments each week and homeschooling I find it hard to take time for myself for much needed self-care.

One thing I would LOVE and appreciate from my family on Mother’s Day, after the hugs of course, is an hour or two of time for self-care. Time to read a good book, drink some coffee, and just quiet the noise.

Mother's Day | Special Needs Mom Kim
My name is Kim.

I am a Special needs mom of a 3 yr old boy. I stay at home with him. I write about Pinterest, time management, special needs, mom life, and self care.  I serve busy moms who also run a business from home.

What I would like from my family on Mother’s Day is a card that they crafted themselves…and breakfast.



Mother's Day | Special Needs Mom Siraya
I am Siraya Gloudemans.
Photo by EllieFay Photography & Design and used with a copyright release.

I have a BA in Elementary/Early Childhood Education with an Adaptive Education certification. I married my high school sweetheart and have been married for 8 years. We have two dogs— our first babies.

We got Pudge the puggle when we moved away for my husband to finish up his PharmD and needed a companion. We got Badger the teddy bear when I was having trouble getting pregnant and needed a baby to love. I got pregnant 6 months later. I taught for 5 years before staying home with our children.  

Nolan is almost 5 and was officially diagnosed with Autism when he was 2-his sister Stella was only 6 months at the time of diagnosis is almost 3 now. I woke up one morning and realized (with my teaching background) all the “regression because he had a brand new sister” were something more. Ironically the morning I woke up was the first day I “didn’t go back to work” and began my stay at home mom journey. It is a true blessing as I was/am home to be all the support and taxi he needs.

We immediately felt like we were on eggshells waiting for Stella to turn two to see if she, too, had autism.  Stella is neurotypical. I started blogging and instagramming our life to build an autism and mom community.

Yes, I am an autism mom, but I’m also just a regular mom doing the best I can for my kids regardless of their ability.

We decided our family wasn’t complete and after many discussions and even more prayers, we are expecting baby three any day now (will be here by Easter).

We have tried MANY sensory products (and give our opinions), are currently trying the Nemechek protocol (and give our updates), we’ve done the neurology tests, and participate in ABA, Speech, OT, and one on one swimming lessons.  Stella is our girly girl with a love of princesses and dance. I’m always trying to streamline momming and sharing experience and products we love. I currently blog the zoo-like life I live in our home with autism, stay at home mom, dogs, and just the crazy life of a mom.

ONE thing you’d love from your family/or hubby for Mother’s Day:

As an early childhood teacher I always wanted to give parents the kids handprints.

Today is the smallest they will ever be, tomorrow they are bigger. Since my kids stay home, I don’t get the corny handprint gifts. One thing I would love is a corny handprint gift with all three kids handprints.

[Since I last connected with Siraya, she’s given birth to a beautiful baby boy.]

Mother's Day gifts for Special Needs Moms
Baby Bryce has arrived!

Where readers can connect with you:

Instagram @stayathomezookeeper

Facebook @stayathomezookeeper

Pinterest @stayathomezookeeper

Email: stayathomezookeeper@gmail.com

Mother's Day | Special Needs Mom Colleen
Colleen Wildenhaus

Colleen Wildenhaus is the mother of a 13-year-old girl suffering from severe anxiety and OCD.  Her blog Good Bye Anxiety, Hello Joy shares with readers the journey her family takes to enjoy the small moments each day, keeping the beast of anxiety from taking away the joy of life.  

Colleen became frustrated with medical and self-help books available to parents; while they offered suggestions, many were out of touch with reality. Through her blog, she shares the day to day struggles of parenting a child with anxiety, offering guidance, encouragement, and hope to parents.  

In addition to being a mother and writer, Colleen is a former elementary teacher who holds two Master’s Degrees in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She draws from her expertise as an educator to coach parents and teachers in ways to make school successful for children with anxiety.

Beyond writing, Colleen finds happiness in life’s simple joys — her children’s laughter, waves crashing on the beach, the wide-eyed excitement when students experience an “ah-ha!” moment, and fresh baked cookies.

For Mother’s Day, I would love a chocolate, chocolate chip bundt cake from Nothing Budnt Cake that I do not have to share with anyone else!!!!!  Once I stuff my face with the cake, I want nothing more than to spend the day together outside, eating a picnic lunch near water.

I write for families and teachers supporting a child with severe anxiety at https://goodbyeanxietyhellojoy.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/goodbyeanxietyhellojoy

I hope this post gave some ideas for the perfect Mother’s Day present for the warrior moms in your life!

Looking to connect with other mamas of children with special needs?   I’d love to invite you to join my private sisterhood on Facebook. We share the good, bad, and the beautifully broken pieces of our lives. I can’t wait for you to join us!  

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