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Michelle Lach | Why you should stop trying to do all the Autism therapies

We all desire what’s best for our children, and we’d go to the ends of the earth to get them the help they need. But what if what they really need from us is more quiet and less chaos?

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Michelle Lach


Embracing Your Child with Autism | Mom and Son Kayaking

This is the story of us. A love story between a mother and her child. A story fueled with love and hope. A story of what was, and what is. A story that continues to unravel and show itself time and time again. You can never fully love your child, if you don’t embrace their […]

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Michelle Lach


New Autism Mom

I’m writing you this letter to let you know just how amazing you are. You’ve traded in your supermom cape for the warrior mom cape.

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Michelle Lach



We don’t have a clear developmental model for our kids, who often times are still toilet training into adulthood. Who sometimes aren’t able to speak, and even then it may be gibberish that comes out. The blending of seasons is frustrating– when you see your other children outpace your autistic child.

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Michelle Lach



I have two kiddos on complete ends of the spectrum-- a daughter with Aspergers and ADHD...and
a son with classic Autism, Speech Language Apraxia, & Sensory Processing Disorder.

So, I'm definitely on this journey with you. 

I’m passionate about helping other autism mamas simplify their lives, so they can experience more joy in motherhood. 

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