Every month we bring on a guest expert to share their knowledge with special needs parents. This month's guest expert will help you ditch caregiver burnout through stress releasing exercises.

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Certified Sophrologist Marianne de Kleer

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Wednesday, July 28th at 5pm PST (replay available)


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what you'll learn

You know you're in the right spot if:

you tried to declutter before and you're still feeling stuck.

 you want to start all over again, because it just feels like too much

know there's more to motherhood than just getting by

you just want to call it quits on this adulting thing, because who knew that being a grown up would be harder than being a teenager when life felt so hard and you couldn’t wait to grow up? 

what you'll learn

We’ll spend four weeks covering these areas: 

weekly themes:

Releasing the negative inner dialogue so you can shift into some life-giving beliefs.

Choose one physical area to focus on. This is for those of you who need a more grace-filled approach to declutter if your spaces. 

Create breathing room in your schedules by decluttering your calendars. We’re pulling up our calendars together, and decided what needs to be let go of in this season of motherhood. 

Remove external voices: Let’s figure out which ones are worth listening to.

Only $27? I’m in!

I’m Marianne de Kleer. My passion in life is helping people explore their internal world, so that their outer world becomes an expression of vibrant living.

Vibrant living – to me – comes down to this: living your most meaningful life with ease, finding (and cultivating) delight, and slowing down enough to appreciate the beauty around you, every day.

Doesn’t that sound… délicieux?

(Oh, and I’m also a Francophile, lover of cheese, and avid cat owner.)

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that everything is connected; when we attend to our needs in one part of our life, there are positive repercussions in other unexpected areas.

I’m a Canadian who’s been living in France since 2009. I’ve been a singer, teacher, designer, and communications manager for an arts centre. Now I am a certified sophrologist and holistic wellness mentor, living in a farmhouse in the French countryside.

Although I have felt fulfillment throughout my life, there have been moments where I felt stuck and disconnected. Whenever I’ve been out of alignment, I was either trying to live up to someone else’s expectations or I was deliberately (or subconsciously) ignoring my own inner wisdom.

While working at my last “real” job, a growing need to work for myself and be of service to other people started to stir in my heart. I knew that I wanted to inspire others and help guide them into their own inner wisdom and presence.

In many ways I feel like I was a latecomer to the holistic wellness party, but it was my journey to travel (quite literally, the move to France played a big role!). Through much exploration, study and experience, I have developed a keen sense of observation and a passion for sharing my tools and creative resources with others.

I’m here to inspire you into living your most delightful and meaningful life!

certified soprhologist

Meet Marianne

When you’re driving a car and the oil light or fuel light turns on, you know you can continue on for a bit, but that you’re going to have to add some oil or fuel sometime soon.

If you don’t, you will run out of gas, stopping you in your tracks, or you’ll ruin your engine if you continue to drive with low oil. You need to stop and do what’s necessary to get things running smoothly again.

The same can be said for when the warning signs pop up in our life. It’s time to slow down and do some recharge activities to get out of that stress zone to ensure that I get back into a sense of wellbeing.

Out of Fuel

wisdom from Marianne:

When you start practicing sophrology, you begin to change the relationship you have with stress.

By releasing the body of accumulated tension through regular practice, you’re naturally more grounded, both in your body and your mind. Your neural pathways are rewired (through the miracle of neuroplasticity), helping you create a better life experience for yourself.

When stress and burnout start to rear their heads, you are better equipped to reduce its effects through the virtuous cycle you’ve created with your practice.

Not only are you more settled to begin with, but knowing how to take a quick break with a body scan relaxation or tension-busting exercises can be enough to bring you back to a sense of groundedness.

How Sophrology Can Help Burnout

wisdom from marianne

In times of emergency, sophrology can help calm the fight or flight state through exercises and guided relaxations. These activities have been shown to help people reduce stress, release tension and see the situation more objectively.

A good sophrologist will also listen and confirm their understanding by repeating out loud what you tell them. You are heard. Sometimes just having someone who hears and understands the situation can be a huge help!

Calming the central nervous system through exercises and relaxations can help bring you out of that state of emergency. With time and practice, an increased sense of body awareness can help to prevent (or at least reduce the impact of) any future episodes.

How Sophrology Can Help Burnout

wisdom from marianne

Michelle Lach
Mama to three spunky kids with two on the Autism Spectrum.
I help special needs mamas ditch burnout through holistic self care practices and build authentic community at autismmomlife.com


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Wednesday, July 28th at 5pm PST

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