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Embracing My 2 Autistic Kiddos Who Are On Opposite Ends of the Spectrum


My two Autistic kiddos… they’re proof that the spectrum sure is wide.

Just like other children, they have their own set of gifts, perspectives, and unique challenges that comes with living this one wild and precious life.

Let’s help our children learn true self-acceptance (the inner work that we’re doing? It’s just as important for our children to learn self-love, self-worth, self-compassion).

That’s really where Autism acceptance (or acceptance of any kind) starts, and advocacy begins.

We want them to grow up to be able to eventually advocate for themselves.

And for non-speakers like our son, we want to equip them with tools (typing, letter boards, AAC devices), whatever we can do to help our non-speaking population.

Their voices are often left out of these conversations, but their voices matter just as much. We’re a part of the spelling to communicate community, so I’ll try to highlight and share more written pieces from non-speakers.

Jacob is my easy go lucky, will play with anyone (who is kind to him) kiddo. He invites people into our home all the time.. lol.

My Alyssa has been a part of an Aspies group, and it’s really helped her to soar— to meet other girls her age who are sharing similar struggles. Topics like depression, anxiety, and suicide are all difficult conversations we’ve had in our home. Along with Autism, she also has ADHD and is a highly sensitive person.

I appreciate her pure heart, and desire to help everyone, but pray that she learns to not absorb other people’s negative energy and carry the burden of others. My HSP girl.

Celebrating the beauty of the Autism spectrum with all of you! And remember, no matter how others choose to celebrate, let’s support one another.

Spreading love, matters.

And with the events of this past year, we all sure could use more kindness, amen?

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