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Special Needs Super Dad: Earl Wright


In honor of Father’s Day, I want to shine a light on the Super Dads within our special needs community. Meet today’s Super Dad, Earl Wright, father of three.

what is your favorite thing about being a special needs dad? 

Realizing that normal  is subjective and being a voice for the voiceless

what do you wish people knew about being a special needs dad?

Even with the challenges, it’s worth every minute.

what advice would you give to other special needs dads for cultivating a meaningful relationship with their special needs child?

Don’t be afraid to shed what would be considered “normal” expectations of fatherhood. Different is not less, and whatever your version of normal is, that’s just fine. Get into their world and figure out what makes your kiddo happy. Whether it be trains, Legos, bubbles or youtube videos. When you get into what they like, the trust gets stronger.

as a caregiver, oftentimes, we give so much of ourselves that we forget to take care of ourselves. what do you do to take care of yourself?

I have started to do yoga. Outdoor yoga in the sun has been extremely therapeutic. Also before the pandemic, I would go to the movies solo and just enjoy a couple hours alone watching a story unfold onscreen.

special needs dads are without a doubt, super dads. what makes you “super dad” in the eyes of your kiddo?

If my son could communicate this, I think he would say it’s how I let him be himself. If he has to stim I let him stim it out as long as it’s safe. I push him to be in situations that he has to adapt to and I want the world to get used to people like him. I have his back unconditionally and he can always be himself around me. 

final thoughts:

When raising a special needs child you can’t go wrong with faith, love, and prayer. On the hard days or even the hard weeks, you will still be worthy and you will get through it.

where can people find you?

You can connect with Earl on Instagram at: @BlackBlueAtypicaPodcast and check out his podcast: Black & Blue (An Atypical Podcast)

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