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Autism and Sleep Deprivation

5 mindset shifts you need to make to push through your day after another sleepless night when raising a child on the Autism Spectrum.

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Michelle Lach


Autism-friendly Theme Days (and schedule) for the Summer | We Rock the Spectrum

Rhythms and routines are important to establish, especially in the summer. Autistic children tend to thrive on routine, and it also helps ease anxiety (for them & ourselves) to know what to expect for the upcoming week.

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Michelle Lach


Why Every Mom Needs a Don't Do's List

Perhaps you’ve never heard of a don’t-do’s-list. While to-do’s list has its place, and I don’t mean the kind where you write something on the to-list just so you can cross it off (anyone else?), but in the way that it is intended to be used. My personal belief is that a don’t dos list, […]

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Michelle Lach


8 Self-care Tips for Special Needs Moms | Read Books

I hope that this will help you to figure out what rhythms and routines would work best for your family, and YOUR situation.

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Michelle Lach



I have two kiddos on complete ends of the spectrum-- a daughter with Aspergers and ADHD...and
a son with classic Autism, Speech Language Apraxia, & Sensory Processing Disorder.

So, I'm definitely on this journey with you. 

I’m passionate about helping other autism mamas simplify their lives, so they can experience more joy in motherhood. 

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